20 May, 2006

At Criaglarich

Thank you Angus
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The old graveyard at Kildonnan
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Pictures from Ian

Basalt cliffs at Kildonnan

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16 May, 2006

Pictures from Ian

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Pictures from Ian

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14 May, 2006

Crainlarich on the way to Mallaig

Glenfinnan vaiduct from the air

Glenfinnan viaduct from the train

CalMac ferry at Mallaig

Approaching Eigg with Rum beyond

Glebe Barn from the ferry (above the white house)

Luggage is loaded for delivery to Glebe Barn

Setting off for the cafe

Sunset behind Rum, Saturday evening

Dyke, Laig Bay

Rum from the beach at Laig Bay

A group of concretions, Laig Bay

Crossing the stream at Laig Bay

More concretions

Rock formation Laig Bay

Dyke intruding sabdstone, Laig Bay

An Sgurr from Glebe Barn

The Lodge

There's lots to learn

13 May, 2006

Prior to the ascent of An Sgurr - Picture by Allan

Inside Massacre Cave

The caves from the cliff top

Cathedral cave

Cathedral Cave entrance

Lunch before the ascent of the Sgurr

Eastern butress of An Sgurr

Glebe Barn seen from the top of the Sgurr

Rock formations on the Sgurr

We made it! On top of An Sgurr

Wild orchids below the cliffs at Kildonnan

South face of An Sgurr

A final view of Glebe Barn with Rum in the background